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The Catalan Research and Innovation Plan 2010-2013 was approved by the Government of Catalonia on 6th April 2010, following the proposal's approval by the Inter-ministerial Research and Innovation Commission (CIRI) in February 2010.


The PRI is structured into five blocks of content:

1. Reference framework
2. Strategic vision
3. Policies and actions (includes ten strategic objectives)
4. Financial programming
5. Implementation, monitoring, review and assessment of the PRI


The Catalan Research and Innovation Plan 2010-2013 establishes, among other aspects, the objectives and strategic lines for developing research and innovation in Catalonia during this period.


The Catalan Agreement on Research and Innovation (PNRI) (Catalan version), approved by the Government of the Generalitat on 21st October 2008, states that the fundamental instrument on which the PNRI's development will be based in the coming years will be the Catalan Government’s research and innovation plans. Furthermore, the PNRI will also establishes that these plans must be aligned with the deadlines of the European Union framework programmes for 2020.


Going a step further, Catalonia is aligning its research instruments in accordance with the directives set forth in the RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation) (catalan version) and the Horizon 2020 programme.